Thursday, September 12, 2013


CESL Conference Center, Second life Call for Proposals

The 5th Virtual Conference on Counseling will held at the CESL conference center in Second Life (a virtual environment).

This year we are attempting to connect with partners in the U.K., Australia, and Turkey to make the conference experience 24-hours with presentations and attendees from around the world   participating around-the-clock. We would also like to reach out to presenters in other countries but we need your help.  Please share this RFP with those you know in other countries and ask them to share it with their networks.

This is a FREE of CHARGE counseling conference provided through the Internet using the Second Life platform. This CFP is open to any and all topics having to do with counseling or counselor training; topics do not need to be about technology and counseling (although these are welcome). Proposals are encouraged on a spectrum of counseling topics in the discipline of counseling, counselor education, research presentation, diversity, technology and social justice. For full details on the conference and how to submit your proposal please follow this link

5VCC information

To submit a proposal go to:

For a sample listing of previous presentation titles please click here 4VCC Schedule

CEU's will be available to conference attendees.

This conference provides a vehicle for you to share your knowledge and experience with interested attendees without the time or expense of travel.  For those unfamiliar with Second Life and wanting to experience presenting in this environment full training will be provided.  Mastering a new technology can be intimidating yet the conference coordinators have developed training methods to help any interested party successfully deliver dynamic and engaging presentations for this conference.

Last year’s conference had over 40 presentations and over 250 attendees from around the globe.  Presenting in a virtual environment such as Second Life allows for presentations that are as simple as a PowerPoint or as complex as a 3 dimensional immersion in a topic. This medium offers an opportunity to stretch your creativity on your topic.

To find out more about the 5th Virtual Conference on Counseling and how to submit your proposal please follow this link

Proposal  will be accepted until 10/10/2013

Should you have any questions please email Marty or Debra and we will get them answered.

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