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JOB: Guidance Department Head, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

JOB: Guidance Department Head, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

Job Description:  Guidance Department Head

The Guidance Department Head will provide a guidance communication link to the administrative team; provide leadership and supervision in the development and implementation of the BPCS guidance program; enable all students to utilize their educational opportunities to the fullest at and beyond BPCS; and, supervise the maintenance of accurate records for all BPCS students.

About the School: 

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is a new charter school located in Brooklyn’s Community School District 15. BPCS opened in September 2009 with 100 sixth grade students and will continue to grow over the next 3 years to serve 700 students in grades 6-12.   

Our Mission: Serving grades six through twelve, Brooklyn Prospect pairs students with excellent teachers in a college preparatory environment using the pillars of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. We prepare students for success as global citizens and help students develop the love of learning that provides the foundation for personal and professional success.

Brooklyn Prospect is committed to:

·       Focusing on each student’s academic and personal success

·       Teaching the skills and habits of mind necessary for success in the global community

·       Recruiting, training and retaining excellent teachers

·       Reflecting the diversity of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods

Ideal candidates will be fully dedicated to the mission of Brooklyn Prospect, and committed to keeping the academic and personal success of our students as a core focus.

Specific responsibilities of the Director of Guidance to include:

A.  Administrative:

·       Develop all materials necessary for a comprehensive guidance program for grades 6-12

·       Oversee graduation requirements and credits---meet with students with deficiency notices and maintain clear communication of progress towards graduation to parents and administration

·       Coordinate and nurture partnerships with colleges and local elementary and middle schools

·       To help the registrar keep accurate permanent records of students' testing and academic work, process transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other correspondence 

·       To maintain and expand an attractive, informative and up-to-date College & Careers Counseling Center

·       Assist with HS course selection and scheduling

·       Oversee all standardized testing programs, including PSATs, SATs, SAT IIs, IBDP exams,

·       To represent the school at relevant, district, state and national conferences, workshops and school fairs as appropriate.

·       Collaborate with faculty, staff and leadership team regularly, and develop and lead professional development on relevant topics  (expanded details below).

·       To oversee the various student award programs and ceremonies.

B.  Academic Guidance:

·       Develop and deliver programs to support academically struggling students

·       Develop advisory curriculum related to study habits; teacher relations; NY regents & graduation

C. Careers Counseling

·       Supervision of 8th Grade--Career Day

·       Development of 9th - 12th Grade career exploration program

·       Research and promote opportunities for student internships, employment and travel opportunities

·       Liaise with local Armed Forces representatives

D. HS Admissions

·       Coordinate and nurture partnerships with colleges and local elementary and middle schools

·       Provide administrative support to families of 8th grade students applying to other high schools as part of the NYC DOE high school selection process

·       Develop and oversee robust transition program to support students entering BPCS 9th grade

E. University/College Counseling:

·       To assume responsibility for counseling students in grades nine through 12 (and their parents) in regard to the entire college selection, application and admission procedures.

·       Develop and maintain BPCS university counseling handbook

·       Identify and promote materials related to financial aid, scholarships, etc., specifically helping students and parents aware of available local and state scholarships

·       To oversee the faculty writing of the requested recommendations for students applying to college; including professional development for faculty

F. Oversight of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Program

·       Development and maintenance of all IBDP materials (handbooks, etc)

·       Develop and deliver IBDP workshops for students, families and the public

·       Counseling students on DP course selections

·       Liaise with Academic Dean on the on-going development of IBDP curriculum

Candidate Requirements:

·       Master’s degree

·       At least 3-5 years experience as a School Counselor, Guidance Counselor, Academic Dean, IB Diploma Program Coordinator, or comparable experience

·       Experience working with a broad range of students and families

·       Collaborative spirit and skill

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Strong work ethic

·       Strong administrative skills, attention to detail

·       Ability to adapt in a dynamic environment

·       Must enjoy working closely with a group of talented and dedicated colleagues

·       Fluency in Spanish a plus


·       Commensurate with experience

·       Full medical benefits, 401(k)

·       Year-round position with paid vacation time

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates of diverse backgrounds.

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