Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Counselors: NOW is the time!

March 13, 2013

The Florida School Counselor Association Day on the Hill was quite successful. The FSCA delegation was able to hold meetings with Senators Detert and Richter as well as Representatives Eagle, Hudson, Caldwell, Fitzenhagen, Roberson, and Rodrigues. The main focus of our meetings was to advance understanding and solicit support of the Student Failure Prevention Act which you can access online here. Remember, the bill addresses several actions:
  • Defines the best use of these highly trained professionals;
  • Requires every school provide at least one and sufficient additional full-time school counselors;
  • Moves Florida’s schools closer to the nationally recommended School Counselor to student standard ratio of 1:250 and thus to well-planned and accountable school counseling programs.
You can also access a one page flyer that FSCA used to summarize the nature of the bill here.
We Need Your Help Now!

The time is now as our legislators are currently in session. Locate your Representatives and Senators and let them know that you support the bill as a school counselor and/or a constituent. The bill numbers are SB 154 and HB 801. You can use the various documents linked in this update (see below).

NOTE: You should not use your school computer, fax machines, or email address when you correspond with your legislators. Use your personal computer and email address.
Salary Increases

The FSCA Day on the Hill also included  a productive meeting with Governor Scotts Policy Analysts about including counselors in the proposed $2500 salary increase. We believe we made a very compelling and stern case for why this would be appropriate, fair, and equitable. FSCA has also partnered with the FASP and FASSW to write a joint letter which you can access here.
Summary of Important Links

Check out a few photos of our meetings here.

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