Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Message from FSCA to Graduate Students

Message to school counseling graduate students from FSCA: 

Please email your fellow graduate students with the following reminders/updates from FSCA:

  1. 1)    Florida legislative session is underway and FSCA board members are meeting with voting Florida officials this week. See the following link for what your FSCA reps will be speaking about to the Florida House and Senate: Please write letters/emails and call your senator/house rep to encourage them to sponsor the Student Failure Prevention Act. You can find out your representatives by going to this website:
  2. 2)    Poster session submissions will be accepted starting in August. However, if you’d like to start preparing for the November convention now, the attached submission form will be the template used. Please read it thoroughly and save for your records. Look for an email in August for further directions on how to submit the form.
  3. 3)    Don’t forget to keep your FSCA membership up-to-date! To renew or join, click here: At the top of the webpage, click on “Join Now” (the orange icon) or “Renew Your Membership”

Please offer your fellow students a contact email so they can ask you questions about the announcements. If there are questions you can’t answer forward them on to me.

Thank you as always for representing FSCA!

Dr. Carolyn Berger

Dr. Carolyn Berger
Assistant Professor at the Center for Psychological Studies
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
Phone 954-262-5689

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