Friday, May 3, 2013

School Counselor (Arizona)

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  1.   Arizona Teaching Certificate with Guidance   Counselor endorsement.
  2.   Ability to sit, stand, stoop,   and kneel for long periods of time.
  3.   Ability to lift, push, pull, and   move 25 lbs.
REPORTS TO: Principal
JOB GOAL:  To provide guidance services to aid all students in   the solution of various types of educational, vocational, social, civic and   personal problems.
  Responsibilities shall include, but not be   limited to, the following:
  1.   Register   students new to the school and orients them to school procedures and the   school’s varied opportunities for learning.
  2.   Aid students in   course and subject selection.
  3.   Initiate and   assemble accurate health and attendance records.  Initiate, assemble, maintain and interpret
cumulative progress records and uniform transcript   records for assigned students.
  1.   Work to resolve   student’s educational handicaps.
  2.   Work to discover   and develop special abilities of students.    Also identify and refer students with special needs.
  3.   Work to prevent   students from dropping out of school.
  4.   Provide student   information to colleges and potential employers according to provisions of   the Board’s policy on student records.
  5.   Supervises the   preparation and processing of college, scholarship and employment   applications.
  6.   Make   recommendations to colleges for admissions and scholarships.
  7.   Assist students   in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of   individual standardized test scores and other pertinent date and works with   students in developing educational and occupational plans in terms of such   evaluation.
  8.   Remain readily   available to students so as to provide counseling that will lead each student   to increased personal growth, self-understanding and maturity.
  9.   Take an active   role in interpreting the school’s objectives to students, parents and the   community at large.
  10.   Work with   teachers and other staff members to familiarize them with the general range   of services offered by the student personnel services department and to   improve the educational prospects of individual students being counseled.
  11.   Obtain and   disseminate occupational information to students and to classes studying   occupations.
  12.   Help students   evaluate career interests, aptitudes and choices.
  13.   Work with   students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems,   relations, health and emotional adjustment.
  14.   Confer with   parents whenever necessary.
  15.   Interpret the   guidance program to the community.
  16.   Provide   in-service training in guidance for teachers and student teachers.
  17.   Advise   administrators and faculty on matters of student discipline.
  18.   Assist in the   orientation of new faculty members.
  19.   Coordinate and facilitate   prevention and intervention programs.
  20.   Perform other duties as assigned.
TERMS OF   EMPLOYMENT: 204 + 8 day   calendar
COMPENSATION: Per district certified salary schedule
EVALUATION: Per   District policy





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