Wednesday, August 7, 2013


         The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) is
planning a second edition of the very popular book Group
Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities: A Guide to Choosing, Planning, Conducting, and Processing, edited by Kerrie Fineran, Amy Nitza, BenjaminHoultberg, Heather Reynolds, and Jackie McCoy. We are currently seeking activities for this publication.

Submissions are due to the Editors by OCTOBER 1, 2013 for potential publication in 2014. Decisions will be returned to authors by December 3, 2013 and any requested revisions will be due by December 23, 2013.  Submissions should include the following:

Ø  Title of the activity
Ø  Identify the Stage of Group Work for which this activity would be most appropriate (Orientation
Phase, Transition Stage, Working Stage, Termination Stage)
Ø  Identify the Type of Group for which the activity would be most appropriate (Task/Work, Psychoeducational, Counseling, Therapy)
Ø  Identify a Rationale for the activity (1 paragraph)
Ø  Goals of the activity (list 1-3 goals)
Ø  Identify the Populations for which this activity would be most appropriate
Ø  List any Materials needed to conduct the activity
Ø  List estimated Time needed to conduct and process the activity
Ø  List step-by-step Directions for conducting the activity
Ø  Identify 3-5 potential Processing Questions for use with the group
Ø  List any Special Considerations/Cautions related to facilitating this activity
Ø  Identify any Adaptations of the group that may be helpful to readers
Ø  References/Credits
Ø  Include an Author Section to contain: Name, Title, Professional Affiliation, contact information (email, phone, mailing address), and brief description of group work experience.

Ø  Submit activities in an attached Word document by e-mail You may also email this address with questions or direct them to Dr. Kerrie Fineran at
Ø  Please save your attached Word file with the first author’s last name and date of submission. Example: Fineran 7.24.13. If you submit more than one activity, please identify this with a number before the last name. Example: 2 Fineran 7.24.13.

Please forward to any lists or interested colleagues. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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