Sunday, October 14, 2012

Request for participation: The Relationship among Career Thoughts, Optimism, and Spirituality of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Dear Educators,
I am Levette Dames, a Doctoral Candidate, in Counselor Education at the University of South Florida. If you are a survivor of breast cancer, I would like to invite you to be a part of this study entitled, "The Relationship among Career Thoughts, Optimism, and Spirituality of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer”. I would appreciate if you would distribute this call for participation to agencies, hospitals, and survivors of breast cancer. This study has been approved by University of Florida’s eRIB #8443. In addition, the Career Thoughts Inventory has been adapted and reproduced online by special permission of the Publisher, Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
In order to be eligible for this study you or either participants must meet all of the following criteria:
a) Survivor or diagnosed with breast cancer (more than one year)
b) Live or from the Florida (US) or The Bahamas (Caribbean) area
c) Between the ages of 18-65 years

The purpose of this study is to help surviving women diagnosed with breast cancer improve the career thoughts and advance the career development.

The survey has small pages, but it usually takes 30 – 45 minutes to complete. While you may not receive any direct benefit for participating, we hope the study will help women who have or will experience the diagnosis of breast cancer especially, in the field of improving career thoughts while assisting with the medical aspect. Also different cancer affiliated organizations may also use these results to be added to existing interventions.

I can be contacted at 242-225-7556 or 813-974-3515 (leave a message with Sandy Turner). If you have questions about this research study, you can contact one of my major professors, Dr. Herbert Exum ( or Dr. Carlos Zalaquett ( at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.

As a thank-you for your contribution, a $3 dollars donation per participant will be made toward the Florida or the Bahamas Cancer Society Divisions, and participants will be placed in a raffle to win one of three $50.00 dollars vouchers.

If you would like to participate please email Levette S. Dames at to receive the link, password to access the survey, and additional information about the study.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Sincerely yours,
Levette S. Dames
Doctoral Candidate and Instructor
President FCDA 2011-2012
University of South Florida
(813) 974-3515

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