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Department: Counseling and Human Services Job ID: 1213-22 Closing date: November 5, 2012

SUMMARY The Clinical Administrator of the Counselor Education and Family Life Center (hereafter,Clinic) will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Clinic, implementation of ongoing assessment of student-trainee’s clinical competencies and client outcomes within the Clinic, and development and maintenance of referral and client care networks.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

Clinic Operations

Supervise all aspects of interns’ and practicum students’ clinical work within the Clinic, including client intake and screening, maintenance of clients’ records, obtainment of consent for treatment, collection of fees for services, assignment and follow-up of clients, referrals and other Clinic practices. Maintain compliance with ethical standards within the implementation of policies and procedures in the Clinic, such as ensuring clients’ confidentiality, authorized and lawful release of clients’ records, students’ professional demeanors. Document current and sufficient liability insurance for all students active within the Clinic. Conduct regular audits of client files, ensuring that all clinical records are maintained in accordance with Clinic policies and current professional, ethical, and legal standards (e.g., HIPAA). Ensure all forms and materials utilized within clinic records are compliant with the latest legal and professional standards and facilitate trainees’ development of clinical competencies. With prior approval from the University Institutional Review Board, deliver unidentified client data to student and faculty researchers to facilitate clinical and training research. Conduct orientation sessions for student-trainees at the beginning of their practicum/internship experiences, and follow-up sessions as necessary, to facilitate students’ understanding of and compliance with Clinic policies and procedures. Supervise the use and maintenance of Clinic equipment, including all computer hardware and software, audio/video equipment, play therapy materials, sandtray therapy materials, neurofeedback equipment, books, games, etc. Oversee development, maintenance, and expansion of data files needed to track client demographic variables, presenting problems, and clinical outcomes. In collaboration with the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and Counselor Education and Supervision (CES) Program Directors: Develop and modify Clinic procedures (i.e., client intake and recordkeeping practices) as needed to better meet needs of the Clinic, program, faculty, and/or students, or in response to changes in legal and/or ethical regulations. Ensure adequate care for clients and supervision of interns during semester breaks as well as during transitions in client services, such as the transfer of a client to different trainee or the transition of a client from one mode of serve to another (e.g., individual therapy to couple therapy; talk therapy to neurofeedback). Ensure the utilization of current technology to facilitate efficient Clinic operations. Coordinate any necessary modifications to clinic operations during clinic enhancements and maintenance operations. Secure ongoing external funding (e.g., grants and contracts) for the expansion of client services and development of training opportunities.

Competency Development and Assessment

Meet regularly with MFT and CES faculty to report and collaborate on student-trainees’ growth and development – provide clinical supervisors with updates on the status of their students’ files. With the MFT and CES Program Directors, develop and maintain client assessment protocol for use in empirical evaluation of clients’ outcomes. With the MFT and CES Program Directors, contribute to the ongoing enhancement of procedures utilized to evaluate trainee’s clinical competencies. With MFT and CES faculty, discuss, develop, and implement new clinical procedures for their respective students. With Department Chair regarding CEFLC security issues, provide clinic operational updates and report security breaches & ethical concerns, request advertising & funding/purchasing needs

Networking and Community Outreach

Oversee networking efforts with potential referral sources within the local community. Ensure the promotion of the Clinic’s services at health fairs and other community events to enhance community visibility. Facilitate ongoing development and distribution of marketing materials. Develop community partnerships that enhance client services, facilitate trainees’ learning opportunities, and allow further community service.

QUALIFICATIONS: Doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy or counselor education and supervision; clinical and supervisory experience in marriage and family therapy or professional counseling; LMFT, AAMFT Clinical Membership and AAMFT Approved Supervisor status or LPC and LPC Supervisor status strongly preferred; successful grant writing and marketing experience.

EDUCATION: Doctoral degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from a COAMFTE-approved program or Counselor Education and Supervision from a CACREP-approved program required.

EXPERIENCE: Clinical and supervisory experience in marriage and family therapy or professional counseling; LMFT, AAMFT Clinical Membership and AAMFT Approved Supervisor status LPC and LPC Supervisor status strongly preferred; successful grant writing and marketing experience.

Application Procedure: Candidates should send application, letter of interest, curriculum vitae, transcripts and three letters of reference to:

Applications can be submitted in person, by U.S. mail or via email to:

Director of Human Resources St. Mary's University St. Louis Hall, Room 12 One Camino Santa Maria San Antonio, TX

Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. St. Mary’s University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Full job description posted in Human Resources.

Application required.

Julie Strentzsch, Ph.D., LPC-S
Program Director, CMHC/CES
Program Coordinator, Neurofeedback
Assistant Professor
St. Mary's University
251 W. Ligustrum
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Office:  210-438-6405

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