Friday, July 27, 2012

Thoughts on the Relationship Between Cleavage and Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy


In recent years we’ve noticed a greater tendency for female counseling and psychology students (especially younger females) to dress in ways that can be viewed as somewhat sexual. This includes, but is not limited to low necklines that show a considerable amount of cleavage. This issue was discussed on a series of postings on the Counselor Education and Supervision listserv which includes primarily participants who teach in master’s and doctoral programs in counseling. Most of the postings included some portion of the following themes.

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  1. This was a very fascinating article...but I think that it should have also addressed the issue of how clothing trends have changed dramatically over the last decade in many different fields of the work force and generally speaking, for both men and women. I think the clothing issue is also a big challenge in the state of Florida with the excessive heat--that has been an adjustment for me since I am from the midwest.

    Anyways, my personal approach my "therapist wardrobe" is that I'd rather the client remember the progress made in the session rather than what I was wearing!