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Immokalee Outreach Manager


Immokalee Outreach Manager
Reports to:
Director of Programs

Full-time, Exempt

Responsible for managing the effective operation of the Shelter’s Immokalee Outreach programs and staff, and for providing crisis counseling and service management for program participants

Requirements  & Skills:

v Bachelors Degree in social services or related subject (Master’s degree/licensure preferred)
v Significant knowledge and experience in domestic violence
v Bi-lingual (English/Spanish)
v Knowledge of the dynamics and laws pertaining to domestic violence
v Ability to coordinate services for program participants and properly                   document actions
v Ability to advocate on behalf of victims
v Ability to work independently with sound judgment
v Training and experience in crisis intervention counseling
v Professional interaction with members of other agencies
v Successful completion of Core Competency Course and CPR/First Aid Course


Leadership Skills
v Models appropriate professional behavior and encourages other staff
members to act in a professional manner
v Demonstrates effective interpersonal and communication skills
v Encourages active involvement of all staff in decision-making processes
v Initiates and facilitates change process
v Effectively manages time, projects and multiple priorities
v Embraces and emulates the empowerment advocacy philosophy
v Operates in concert with the mission, vision, and strategic plan

v Direct and oversee all outreach program services, including support      groups and individual advocacy for program participants
v Ensure all outreach programs operate in accordance with established agency philosophies, policies, and funding sources
v Supervise interns providing leadership, direction, and meaningful experiences
v Expand The Shelter’s outreach into the community to offer a unique mix of services for the diverse population served
v Assist program participants in obtaining legal, medical, financial, and/or social services
v Advocate for program participants with community agencies
v Develop and maintain resource options in the community
v Oversee the development of primary prevention programs
v Manage all operations of the outreach
v Foster an atmosphere of teamwork
v Ensures that staff follow an empowerment based advocacy model with all survivors
v Ensure FCADV minimum standards are achieved in all areas of    operations

Human Resources
v Recruit, hire, and evaluates staff based on established criteria
v Train, manage and provide performance feedback for all outreach staff
v Plan, promote and model life-long learning practices
v Promote continuous professional development for staff

Program Participants
v Ensure Empowerment based advocacy services, resources and referrals are provided on a continual basis
v Advocate for participants with community agencies
v Provide food, clothing, personal items, etc., as needed

v Complete reports and statistical information as needed to include
performance tracking, grant requirements, donors and certifying agencies
v Promote clear procedures for collecting, documenting and reporting data
v Submit monthly, quarterly, annual and grant reports in a timely manner
v Monitor and evaluate the program and uses the data for program
improvement and accountability
v Operate in accordance with grant and funding guidelines
v Manage overall quality assurance process to ensure participant files and documentation is accurate, complete and meets minimum standards

Resource Management and Allocation
v Effectively manage and allocate the budget
v Develop innovative cost cutting measures

Community Collaboration
v Build relationships with various agencies and institutions to enhance the delivery of services
v Access and make information available to participants that includes community resources, issues, relevant laws and regulations
v Work with community partners to provide a seamless web of support,
services and programs for survivors
v Identify new frontiers for outreach services

v Serve as part of on-call rotation
v Available 24-hours by cell phone
v Other duties as may be assigned


Must be physically able to walk, stoop, stand, lift, bend, carry, reach, and carry 20 pounds. The Shelter for Abused Women & Children complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and support to the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  The Shelter is an equal opportunity employer.  We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or marital status.  We assure you that your opportunity for employment with us depends solely upon your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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