Monday, July 29, 2013

DeSoto Co. High School School Counselor

We are in need of qualified school counselors who have completed a Master of Arts in School Counseling.  We have a 12 month and an 11 month position that need to be filled as soon as possible.  We have been advertising for the positions, but have been unable to find qualified individuals to take the jobs.  Would you be able to get the word out about these positions?  I’d appreciate it if you could include these postings in an e-mail to your recent graduates and to any other graduates who would be interested in working in DeSoto County.  It would be great if applicants had experience working or interning at the high school level as well. 

We appreciate any help you could give us in this matter.  Feel free to call me with any questions. 

Leslie Bickett
DHS School Counselor
(863) 494-3434 ext. 204

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