Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The North American Society for Adlerian Psychology (NASAP) presents TAPTALK

The North American Society for Adlerian Psychology (NASAP) presents TAPTALK

NASAP TAPTALK TITLE: Adlerian Survival in an Era of Evidenced Practice

PRESENTER:  Patricia Kyle, Associate Professor of Psychology, Southern Oregon University

DESCRIPTION:  Increasingly mental health professionals are being required to utilize Evidence Based Practices (EBP). This growing mandate is impacting our ability to incorporate Adlerian techniques in our counseling. Government agencies are focused on radically transforming mental health delivery, but currently EBP encompasses a narrow focus. Many efficacious counseling techniques are currently ignored by the state and federal agencies that review EBP. This is, especially, true pertaining to Adlerian counseling practices.

At this point in time there is only one Adlerian approach on the US Federal Register of Evidence Based Practices. EBP is affecting mental health delivery in Canada, as well. We, Adlerian mental health practitioners, must respond by advocating for, compiling and conducting research about Adlerian practices and submitting them for inclusion on EBP registers. This TAP Talk will focus on a “call to action”.

The outcomes for this TAP Talk are for Adlerians:

·       To discern the possibilities for Adlerian mental health practitioners to advocate for positive outcomes for EBP and to implement research efforts about Adlerian techniques.
·       To submit for review effective Adlerian techniques currently ignored in the EBP process.

Join us for this TapTalk at 9:00 PM (EST) on Thursday evening, February 28. (You'll have to figure out what time it is where you live for yourself.)
To join the TapTalk:
CALL: 1-641-798-4200
Guest Access Code:  4892130#

To join us, dial the number above on your phone and when asked, enter your Access Code - be sure to put the # at the end.  To receive Continuing Education Credit* for the TapTalk, download the attached form here,
 complete it and send it in with your payment of $5.00 (for members of NASAP) or $10.00 (for non-members).

This works for both telephone and also for Skype and probably for Google phone.  You do have some telephone charges as it is not a toll free number but it's probably going to be cheaper than gas if you had to go somewhere other than your home or office to participate.

NASAP is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. NASAP maintains responsibility for this program and its content. NASAP is also recognized by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) to offer continuing education for counselors.

For more information:
Contact: Jill Duba Sauerheber
Phone: 270-745-4799

For more information about NASAP or other Adlerian activities, please see

North American Society of Adlerian Psychology | 429 E. Dupont Road, #276 | Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825 

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