Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Director of the School of Intervention Services

Position Title:                          Director of the School of Intervention Services.
Primary Function:                    To provide academic leadership and administrative management to the faculty, staff, and programs in the School of Intervention Services (Mental Health, School Counseling and Special Education).
Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
                  1.     To organize, in conjunction with the faculty, the administrative structure of the school; within the limits of the school budget, appoint whatever administrative personnel appear to be requisite to the effective functioning of the school office; and assign the respective functions of all personnel, program coordinators and committees working in the school;
                  2.     To encourage and support excellence in teaching, research/creative endeavors (including grant procurement) and professional service;
                  3.     To serve as the fiscal officer of the school, with the responsibility for preparing the budget in consultation with the program units; allocating resources to the program units; monitoring the administration of operating and personnel budgets; and supervising the use of resources, including facilities, equipment, and supplies;
                  4.     To provide academic leadership for the instructional, research, service, and administrative personnel of the school and to be involved in the recruitment, selection, employment, in-service training, evaluation, tenure promotion, non-reappointment, and dismissal of personnel;
                  5.     To perform or delegate and monitor the development of the curricula and programs of instruction, sharing this responsibility with committees of the school and with program units;
                  6.     To supervise any graduate programs within the school through oversight of the designated graduate coordinators who administer the program(s).
                  7.     To serve effectively as the principal representative of the school, that is to act in the name of the school’s faculty with authority and responsibility, to faithfully represent its views, and to promote its best interests as a school.
Professional Qualifications:
1.     Earned doctorate and experience in a related discipline currently represented in the School of Intervention Services.
2.     Professor or Associate Professor with tenure.
                 3.     Demonstrated record of achievement in research/creative endeavors, publication, grant procurement, teaching and holding graduate faculty status.
                  4.     Record of successful leadership and administrative skills.
                  5.     Experience with budget management preferred.
                  6.     Knowledge and experience fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration.
                  7.     Commitment to building a supportive environment for teaching and scholarship.
                  8.     Ability to work effectively with diverse groups in the School, College, and University.

Effective Date of Employment:                       July 1, 2013 (5-year appointment)
Application Deadline:                                       February 15, 2013.  Faxed or electronic applications will be considered for application and review purposes.  Original must follow by mail.
Affirmative Action Policy:                              BGSU is an affirmative action and equal opportunity and educational institution.
Nominations or Applications:                        Candidates should send applications (vitae, official transcript, letter of application, and three letters of reference) to:  Dr. Brian Campbell, Acting Associate Dean, College of Education & Human Development, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0240.  Phone:  419-372-7317; Fax:  419-372-2828; E-mail:  In compliance with state guidelines, employment will be contingent upon a criminal background check.

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