Friday, September 28, 2012

Do you know of a student who is displaying behavior that concerns you?

If the answer is YES, please report it immediately to the Behavioral Consultation and Assessment Team (BCAT). Call any member of the BCAT team listed at the bottom of this email correspondence or complete this online form here:

The BCAT team will consult with any faculty, staff member or student who is concerned about the behavior of a student that disrupts the normal functioning of the University community or who potentially poses a threat to him/herself or others. For more information on the BCAT, please see the website:
When in doubt, please report any behavior that concerns you. 

Core BCAT members include:

1. Dean of Students
2. Director of the Counseling Center and/or designated representative
3. Director of University Police and/or designated representative
4. Director of Housing and Residence Life and/or designated representative
5. Assistant Dean of Students for Student Conduct
6. Academic Affairs representative, appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs
7. Student Affairs Case Manager

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