Saturday, November 26, 2016

Full-Time Therapist (Clinician)

Be a part of creating meaningful, independent and productive lives for children and adolescents who receive services from our Specialized Therapeutic Foster Care serving Lee County, Florida. We have a current opening for a Full-Time Therapist (Clinician).  This position will allow you to find purpose and give you room to grow in the largest not-for-profit provider of services to children and families in Florida. *Responsibilities* As a Therapist (Clinician), you will be expected to actively assist your assigned clients in the participation, involvement and routine of their individualized program and work within a multidisciplinary team to review the client's treatment, goals, progress and future needs. Responsibilities include: 1. Provide in-community therapeutic services 2. Provide therapeutic services with an interactive approach 3. Work closely with individuals and families served in treatment planning 4. Work closely with other team members in the treatment plan 5. Ensure coordination of services is taken to meet the client needs 6. Document therapeutic interventions in the client's records in a timely manner 7. Be a role model for all individuals and families served 8. Recommend and/or revise treatment interventions 9. Monitor progress 10. Coordinate appropriate discharge planning

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