Monday, May 1, 2017

Position: HEALTH EDUCATOR - 64054121

The Health Educator, under the direction of the Health Educator Consultant -SES, must be totally versed and knowledgeable about HIV and AIDS prevention and education. The incumbent in this position must be able to act independently and have the initiative needed to seek out innovative, evidence-based ways to teach HIV prevention. The incumbent will provide technical assistance as a subject matter expert (SME), collaborating with the Lee County School District Health Professionals. This SME will serve as a resource for the latest evidence-based prevention models in HIV/AIDS education for youth, adolescents and high risks groups. This incumbent will promote the Center for Disease Control (CDC) sponsored philosophy of normalization of HIV testing and High Impact Prevention strategies. This position is classified as a sensitive position. The Incumbent handles protected health information on a need to know basis following Department of Health, HIPAA and Information Security Policy, Protocols and Procedures. Employee abides by State/Federal laws governing health information. Responsible to maintain confidentiality, security, privacy and integrity of protected health information. This position has access to the following information sets: STD, HIV/AIDS Case Reports, Health Management System (HMS) family planning and HIV testing. This position serves a large population of Spanish speaking clients and the employee is required to perform interpreter duties.

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