Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ACCA Conference

American College Counseling Association
2015 Emerging Leader Grant
ACCA Annual Conference in Louisville, KY

The American College Counseling Association (ACCA) invites applications from graduate students and new professionals for the Emerging Leader Grant to attend the 2015 ACCA Annual Conference. The ACCA Graduate Student & New Professionals (GSNP) Committee oversees the selection process in order to encourage graduate students’ and new professionals’ attendance and participation in the 2015 ACCA Annual Conference.

Six grants will be awarded: two for master’s students, two for new professionals, and two for doctoral students. Any unused grants may be awarded to other applicants, as seen fit by the GSNP. The Emerging Leader Grant covers the cost of the conference registration.

ACCA Emerging Leaders responsibilities include:
* Attend the ACCA business lunch at the 2015 ACCA Annual Conference to be recognized.
* Assist with the session check-in process for five (5) sessions during the conference.
* Participate in a structured video interview before leaving the conference OR write a reflection blog within one (1) month after the conference. Additional information will be provided to recipients.

The Process
1) Applications are due electronically by email no later than 11:59 PM on Monday, August 10, 2015. Please submit all materials as PDF files. No applications will be accepted in any form other than electronically. The GNSP will examine all applications for eligibility.

2) Applications must include ALL four of the following categories:

A.  A resume’ or curriculum vitae

B.  A typed, double-spaced summary (one page only) of financial need.

         C.   One letter of recommendation from a faculty member, supervisor, or employer.
D.  Professional narrative:
A typed, double-spaced narrative (one page minimum, two page maximum) describing your scholarly activities (presentations, publications, research projects) and/or professional service (within college campus community, professional organizations, committees, etc.) contributing to the future of the college counseling profession.
3) Decisions are based on the quality of the submitted information and each category is given consideration in the overall score. Members of the GNSP will conduct a blind review of the applications to select grant recipients.
4) Awardees will be notified by August 24, 2015 and will be provided further information in regards to fulfilling the responsibilities of the award.

Eligibility requirements:
1) Applicants must be a student or new professional member of ACCA. Individuals who are not current members must affiliate with ACCA in order to be considered for this award. To join ACCA, please visit the ACCA web page for membership information ( The GSNP will confirm verification of membership in ACCA before considering applications.

2) Applicants cannot have previously received an Emerging Leaders Grant from ACCA.

Questions and applications can be directed to:

 Gregory Bohner, MA, LPC

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