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Call for Submissions: Safe Schools for Queer and Trans Students

Call for Submissions:

Special Issue of Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling on:

Safe Schools for Queer and Trans Students

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2013

The Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling invites submissions for a special issue on Safe Schools for Queer and Trans Students.

Planned publication date for the special issue is December 2013. The purpose of this special issue is to call the counseling field to consider interventions, roles, best practices, and/or advocacy efforts to promoting safe and inclusive environments for queer and trans youth in our K-12 schools. Proposals should address the ways counselors (school counselors, student affairs counselors, clinical mental health counselors, and marriage and family therapists) can work systemically to address homoprejudice/homphobia, biprejudice/biphobia, transprejudice/transphobia, and other oppressions that impact queer youth in our schools, paying particular attention to intersecting identities. Proposals should be grounded in social justice, feminist, multicultural, and liberatory frameworks and approaches to working with queer and trans youth.

The editors of this special issue are interested in research, theory, and practice-based proposals. The emphasis for this special issue is on proposals addressing K-12 schools, but community and student affairs counselors with activist or community-based interventions, to which the school is a part of the system/intervention are also welcome. This Special Issue is particularly focused on new and innovative strategies that are systemic and collaborative, and that attend specifically to issues of justice and intersecting identities for queer youth.

If you are interested in the possibility of authoring an article in this special issue, please submit a 15-page manuscript by January 15, 2013. All submissions will go through a peer review process, and therefore not all submissions will be accepted into the journal. We hope to include articles by established scholars in safe schools and to concurrently highlight new voices in the field. We encourage collaborative authorship with students, community-based organizers, and activists. Finished practice, theory, and research-based articles will be 15 double-spaced manuscript pages in length, not including references. Submissions must be original and not previously published and written in APA-6th ed. style. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received.

The deadline for proposal submission is 1/15/13. Please submit an electronic copy of your proposal to Amney Harper at and a copy to Anneliese Singh at We are happy to discuss the special issue with you by email. After initial review, co-editors will communicate decisions by 2/15/13. If a proposal is selected, the manuscript revision will be due by 3/15/13. Subsequent anonymous, peer-reviews and author revisions according to reviewer feedback will each have 30-day cycles. No extensions will be provided due to the tight timeline for the special issue.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Amney Harper and Anneliese Singh (Special Issue Co-Editors)

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