Thursday, November 29, 2012

Call for Monographs: Connecting Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body

Call for Monographs
Connecting Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body:
A Collection of Spiritual and Religious Practices in Counseling
A few years ago, a call was sent out for monographs for a tentative book. At the request of the members of ASERVIC, we are excited to resume this project. Submitted monographs will be peer-reviewed for an on-line article submission.  We will continue the guidelines set forth for the current collection but expand to include monographs on world religions and practices:
 Those who submitted monographs previously will be contacted to determine interest in continuing with this project. There is no need to re-submit as all monographs have been located.

Manuscript format and content requirements:

1.      Author’s full name, credentials, academic or agency affiliation, e-mail, phone, and two sentences of author information.
2.      Manuscript should include: 
Theoretical foundation and relevant research.
Definition/Description and History (Definition/description and brief historical overview of the experience or practice);
Indications (How the experience/practice can/should be addressed/used in the counseling process);
Cautions/Contraindications (Any factors that should limit or eliminate attention to the experience or use of the practice or that indicate need for referral; if a practice is “unproven” or “developing,” so specify per 2005 ACA ethics);
3.      Suggested Resources (Print and/or internet resources for counselor to find information to develop further expertise and/or find training to develop competence in addressing the experience or using the practice in counseling);
4.      References
Length: 5 to 8 pages of double spaced text (not counting title page, References page, and author information) adhering to APA 6th edition format and in a Word document.

All submissions should be sent electronically to
Deadline for proposals: March 15, 2013.

Ryan D. Foster, PhD, LPC-S (Texas), NCC
Assistant Professor
Department of Counseling
Marymount University
2807 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA  22207

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