Monday, December 1, 2014

Sovereign Health Treatment Center Job Opportunity

Lead/ Senior Clinician for Co-occurring Patients - $17 an hour
Sovereign Health Treatment Centers – Fort Myers, FL
The Lead Senior Clinician manages and provides services in the treatment of patients with dual diagnosis. They utilize case history to do individual, group and family therapy techniques, administration, community organization, consultation, teaching, research and planning. The Clinician reports to the Clinical Director or designated supervisor.
·   Candidate must have a Master’s Degree in counseling, psychology, and marriage and family therapy intern from an accredited graduate school. current state license and/or certification preferred.
·   Candidate must have a minimum of 5 years in the fields of mental health and chemical dependency.
Duties and Responsibilities:
·   Interviews patients, their relatives and/or agency personnel to obtain complete psycho-social case histories on each assigned patients.
·   Assesses each assigned patient to evaluate individual needs for recovery.
·   Observes, evaluates and reports on behavior, attitudes, general emotional maturity and stability of family members to help them assist the patient in his/her treatment program and discharge planning.
·   Conducts individual, group and family counselling sessions.
·   Participates in interdisciplinary staff meetings with other professional staff members, doctors and counselors to discuss evaluate and develop treatment plans.
·   Interprets treatment plans, goals and disposition to the family. Assists the family in working with the clinical staff towards treatment goals.
·   Records interventions and interactions with patients, families and community agencies in progress notes of patients’ charts.
·   Co-ordinates discharge planning for all assigned patients. Develops aftercare plans.
·   Completes appropriate documentation in charts, treatment plans and clinical progress.
·   Responds to all social services consulting requests by physicians on assigned patients.
·   Attends interdisciplinary staff meetings, case conferences, program team meetings, in-service and other meetings when appropriate.
·   Records interventions and interactions with patients. Assists the family in working with the clinical staff toward treatment goals.
Skills and Competency:
·   The candidate will show skills and competency in working with patients, from undertaking assessments (including risk), planning and delivery of care to review of effective methods of interventions, in order to shape continuing service provision which will meet the needs of individuals.
·   The candidate will have the ability to listen actively when spoken to and effectively communicate their thoughts to others.
·   They will be sensitive to religious, ethnic and cultural differences in others and show respect and empathy.
·   The will be able to work alone but also in a team, with fellow staff, in the business setting and will actively seek out advice and/or guidance in order to solve problems.
·   The candidate will have good time management skills and actively seek to accomplish tasks and be able to use a variety of methods and ideas to solve problems whilst also being open to suggestions from others in order to find solutions.
Job Type: Full-time

Dawn Clark, LMHC, MS, CAP, CPP
Clinical Director /  Fort Myers

3331 East Riverside Drive
Fort Myers, FL  33916
Cell: (949) 426-0130

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